Even the Simplest of Tasks Conducted With Passion.

Even the Simplest of Tasks Conducted with Passion

World Class Offshore & Marine Catering Services 

Conntrak Catering Services is an independently owned market leader in offshore & marine catering & support services across the Middle East, Africa, Far East, the North Sea, Caspian, and the GoM.

Headquartered in the UAE, our experienced management team, all originate from an offshore background and have an intimate knowledge of the specialist service delivery requirements in this unique catering market segment.


What differentiates us from others is our strong team culture. At the forefront of our organisation are our front-line teams, who are dedicated to working safely & efficiently on-board. This team culture is captured in our vision of Even the Simplest of Tasks Conducted with Passion, and all team members work to this mantra. In addition our independent business model has been nurtured to develop long-term  meaningful client relationships through our transparent approach to deliver a safe, quality commercially viable solution that meets our client requirement.


The foundation of our success is ensuring we deliver a bespoke service which is aligned to our client requirements. Providing trained and competent personnel supported with an Integrated Management System that meets the most stringent accreditation requirements. This is backed up by a robust global supply chain network that delivers full traceability of product, standardisation of quality and a focus on food safety management throughout the whole delivery process from source to vessel.


With pride in our work, & integrity in our behavior, we look forward to making a positive contribution to your employees offshore, wherever your vessel is operating.

Better Service Starts with You!

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