NAVTECH Marine Services

We would like to extend our appreciation for the flawless performance of your Company during the concurrent mobilization of our two 150-men accommodation jack up barge, PESTO 4502 and PILI PILI 4503 in extremely difficult conditions. It has been efficient, timely and has met the requirement of numerous and strict inspections of Aramco, McDermott and Navtech QHSE.

The transition of logistic supplies in Saudi Arabia using Sedress Maritime and McDermott Dialog supply base, Including Saudi recertification of food container has been smooth.

All this has enable NAVTECH to concentrate its effort on its own part of project and its HSEQ readiness.

We look forward to the continuity of your service in the same spirit, for the development and improvement of the quality of life on board, while reducing our impact in the environment and improving quality and taste with control of the quantity for healthy basis and creating client satisfaction



Conntrak Catering Ltd is currently providing support to Euronav Ship Management SAS, which covers complete management and handling off both FSO's gallery services and husbandry/ hotel services on board our two FSO's in Qatar.

The Contract is running since 2017 and during the entire period we have been well satisfied with the level of service and quality of provisions supplied.

The management of the contract by Conntrak Catering Ltd and the shore/ on board team is being handled in a very professional manner resulting in a very high satisfaction level of the personnel on board and the ship manager. This level of achievement was reached from the very first day of service with a safe and efficient mobilization/ take over with all the necessary support of the onshore team.

We have no hesitation in recommending the service of Conntrak Catering limited for similar contracts.


Captain Gian-Carlo Kern

This is a personal evaluation of Catering Staff and Service while onboard Meo Galaxy working for Huta & McDermott / Saudi Aramco starting from 8th January 2020, when I joined the vessel.

The Catering Staff they provided were second to none in all my 39+ years working at Sea.

Catering Staff were always polite, friendly and willing to accommodate my special requests or preferences.

The Ship itself was noticed to be very clean and was maintained to a high standard of cleanliness at all times and in all areas. Personal cabin care was also very good and executed with pride every day, at the same time, without fail.

Camp Boss, Biju Illath Meethal, manages his men and duties extremely well and is always more than happy to accommodate any requests.

Overall I would say Catering Staff and Service onboard the Meo Galaxy are the best I have encountered offshore to date.

Captain Gian-Carlo Kern